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Welcome to DEKAFOK Info Point

Here you will find usefull information and links about us.


Dekafok was officially registered and launched on 27th November 2020.

DEKAFOK is the abbreviation of sea turtle, Mediterranean seal and sand lilies in Turkish, this is the main focus of our study.

We operate out of our Dekafok Marine Conservation Centre, located on Mendirek Beach, Manavgat, Turkey.

When are we here

We are a 7/24h operation for Emergency Contact, during the nesting season we carry out beach patrols from around 3:30am, so, we may be away from our base during the day either on patrol or catching up on lost sleep.

What We Do

You have found us, so you may already be aware of some of the things that we do.

You will notice one of our projects at our Conservation Centre; among our founding purposes is to protect and maintain the endangered sand lilies (Pancratium maritimum), please do not enter the project area, any damage to the Sand Lilies carries a fine of 109,000 TL.

Things to do

We cover 10km of shoreline; why not go for a walk in our footsteps and you may see us doing our beach walk.


If you would like to help us by picking some litter along the way, there are white DEKAFOK bags just behind the please return the bag later, as we also use the bags for School Visits. 

All our 2022 Nests are being tagged on Google Maps 

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